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June 2, 2011
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HA: Katriona Demetrie by Sazyce HA: Katriona Demetrie by Sazyce
:iconhogwartsacademy: Kat.

Name: Katriona Demetrie
Age: 16 years
Gender: female
Birth date: 28 December, 2034

House: Gryffindor
Year: 6th
Wand: Cherry, dragon heartstring, 13', springy.
Patronus: Polar fox (It's form has not yet appeared though)
Pet: Chet (snowy owl, 3,5 years, male)
Blood status: halfblood (halfblood x muggle)

:bulletblue: Classes :bulletblue:
Care of Magical Creatures
DADA (Defence Aganst Dark Arts)
History of Magic

:bulletblue: Physical description :bulletblue:
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Hair color: Auburn
Eye color: Grey
Skin: Ivory

Scars: no
Piercings and/or tattoos: no

:bulletblue: Personality :bulletblue:
Katriona is an intelligent and creative student, though she keeps most of it between her, her books and her professors. She is usually calm and focused, concentrated about what she is working with. Kat is very patient and thorough, a little perfectionist.
She prefers books and her pet owl, Chet, in front of big hoards of people, and avoids it if she can. Despite being very shy around strangers, if she's with her friends, she becomes a very outgoing and fun person.

:bulletblue: History :bulletblue:
Kat was born in Ardmore, Ireland, where she is still living with her family in the holidays. Her mother, CÚline, is a author and poet, being at home most of the time to focus on her writing. Her father, Jonah Demetrie, who is the wizard in the family, works as a muggle-car seller. He never felt for working with any wizard stuff, so he chose to live and work as a muggle, being a wizard only at home. Her parents married at an age of 20 and 23. Her mother got to know about her fathers secret when her older brother, Noah, was around 2 years old and started sneezing sparkles. After that, she kind of just accepted it. Seven years later, Kat was born, also with magic powers.
Her fathers roots is set in Italy, way back in time, though the wizarding line ended with her fathers great great grandfather, it appeared again with her father, who was considered a halfblood because of his ascendance. Her mothers ascendance is pure Irish, with barely no influence from other countries (or races).

:bulletblue: History at Hogwarts :bulletblue:
When she had turned eleven, she waited days and nights for her letter to come, having to have watched her brother go to Hogwarts each year for seven years, and even get an apprentice job as a dragon-trainer. She was ecstatic the day it lay on the doormat, thick and heavy.
Her first year at Hogwarts was rather lonely and silent, the way she had always liked it. She got to know her fellow Gryffindors, and a few from the other houses, but it wasn't until 4th grade that she actually started to become more outgoing and trying to be with new and different people. At school, she was doing great, but no one had really expected anything else, the way she read books and practiced all day long.
After a few years at Hogwarts she figured that potions, charms and herbology were her favorite and best classes, yet. She doesn't take many (or any) extra classes, wanting to focus mostly on her three main subjects, as she intends to work with some if them.
Kat has, in all her 6 years at Hogwarts, avoided any and all love interests and things like that. She doesn't find it appealing, she says.


Updated: 27.01.13

2013 and I suddenly have a 6th grader!
I decided it was on time I became more active in here, after almost a full year of inactive-ness, mostly because of school and family stuff.

character (c) me
template (c) #HogwartsAcademy

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ShamanEileen Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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Sazyce Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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ShamanEileen Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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That was also one of my main problems.. But I figured I would work it out somehow xD
Like, I have tons of homework, along with having to practice piano, bass and song.. guh. School y u no take break
ShamanEileen Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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